how would you live your life if you truly believeD that you are infinitely loved?


Imagine waking up and believing wholeheartedly that you are enough - that there’s nothing you need to say or do to prove yourself to anyone. Imagine feeling a deep sense of peace because you know that your worth is unshakeable and you are completely lovable just as you are. Imagine a world where you don’t compare yourself to other people, where you can let go of perfectionism and the people-pleasing, and you’re free to be yourself with all of your imperfections and flaws. Imagine not judging those flaws, but accepting them and even learning to embrace them. Imagine what it would be like then in the hard times, when you make a mistake, when you fail, when you fall down, you treated yourself with kindness and compassion, like you would treat a good friend. This is what self-love looks like. This is what is possible for you.

We’ve been experimenting with taking the idea of self-love and self-compassion - about how we are so infinitely loved, internalizing it, believing it, and acting that it's true. And what we’ve noticed is that no matter what change comes our way or what uncertainty we experience, we’re still able to continually flourish and thrive.

This has been such an inspiration for us to keep living every aspect of our lives with the belief that we are so loved. We think it’s very interesting that every human being is born with the capacity to hold love and to love. Whether or not it's nurtured is one thing, but the fact that we are born into this world with the container to love shows us that love already exists in us from the beginning, regardless of any circumstance.

This project is meant for us to share how embracing this belief has changed our lives inside and out. It’s made us feel ferociously hungry to understand what living with this knowledge would look like in our lives. We want to share the lessons we've learned and also share the stories of those who have been on this self-love journey too.

We’re inviting you to be a part of this community with us - to go on this journey of self-love and self-compassion, and to be open to see what it could look like to live your life knowing that you are infinitely loved.


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