Kristoffer “KC” Carter: On The Power Of Meditation To Cultivate A Loving Relationship With Yourself

In this episode, we chat to the amazing Kristoffer “KC” Carter, a meditation teacher, retreat leader, workplace culture consultant and transformational coach, who we believe is a great role model of self-love.

For anyone who’s had the pleasure of meeting KC, you’ll know he’s someone who is completely himself, totally unique and authentic in his expression, which makes him so fun to be around - his energy is magnetic. And this is one of the great benefits of having self-love - when you’re comfortable in who you are and you love and accept yourself, you have the freedom to be completely YOU in every moment, and that energy and spirit is irresistible. In this episode, we dive into the power of meditation to improve the relationship you have with yourself, which KC believes is one of the most highly intentional relationships you need to have in your life.

KC shares a helpful exercise called a Lens Statement, which is about crafting an overarching personal philosophy through which you see the world. It affirms who you are in your highest potential and becomes a beautiful and powerful way of talking to yourself.  

We talk about KC’s journey with self-love and how it started with him trying to become somebody that he wanted to spend time with. This simple way of approaching self-love has brought a sense of play to it all - KC mentions how he sees it as a big game to try and be someone whose company he enjoys.  

We also go into KC’s journey with sobriety and the way he defines the virtue of sobriety as being in complete alignment with your circumstances and not hiding anywhere. Sobriety has become so much more than just giving up drinking; it is something that KC moves towards in all aspects of his life because it deepens his relationship with himself and others.

Finally, we discuss all of the incredible benefits of meditation, from a scientific, physiological and spiritual perspective. KC talks about the connection to self-love and how meditation is really about the ability to be present with all of the noise in your head and redirect your awareness back towards the truth of your heart.

Stay tuned until the end of this episode, because KC guides us through a beautiful and powerful self-love meditation. And for anyone interested in beginning their meditation journey, or deepening it, then please join KC’s free 30 day meditation challenge in January 2019.

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