Valentine's Day Special: Self-Love In And Out of Relationships

With Valentine’s Day in the air, we wanted to explore what self-love looks like in and out of relationships. Whether you’re happily single, unhappily single, happily coupled, unhappily coupled, what does self-love look like when we practice it in our relationships?

Sam talks about how self-love plays out in her life as a single woman and how she is both happily single, but also wanting an intimate relationship. She believes it was cultivating self-love that moved her from unhappily single to happily single, as she was no longer relying on someone else to make her feel loved and accepted.

Lindsay and Koes talk about what self-love looks like in their marriage and how their behaviour towards one another has changed as a result of them each building their self-love. They talk about the early days of their marriage when they didn’t know what self-love was and how they used to rely on one another to feel loved.

We also look at how relationships can be the best space to explore self-love and how it’s important to understand that self-love isn’t a destination you arrive at, but an ongoing process and a way of treating yourself. The best question to ask yourself is - how do I love myself in this moment?

We also share tools and tips for how to feel the way you want to feel this Valentine’s Day, no matter what your relationship status.

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