Jeffrey Davis: On Remembering Your Young Genius And Tracking Wonder As A Path To Self-Love

In this episode we chat to the incredible Jeffrey Davis about his own experiences with self-love and what it’s come to mean to him in his life. Jeffrey is an author, a branding consultant, a speaker, a workshop facilitator, a father of 2 girls and one of the kindest and most genuine people we’ve met. He’s full of wisdom and insight and generously shares so much of that with us in this episode.

We discuss the power of reconnecting with your younger self and uncovering, what Jeffrey refers to as your young genius. What were those innate and wonderful character traits and qualities that you embodied as a young child and how can you show up with them today? Remembering your young genius and honoring your essential nature is a beautiful act of self-love. After all, the more you can develop a deep understanding of who you are, what makes you come alive and really nurture those things, the more enriching your life will be.

We talk about Jeffrey’s lifelong fascination with tracking wonder - what it means and how wonder can actually be a vehicle towards self-love. As Jeffrey so eloquently says “moments of wonder can open you up to seeing yourself and the natural beauty and truth of yourself again. And that’s true in helping you see other people anew as well.” In fact, Jeffrey talks about how one of the greatest indicators of self-love is when you’re all the more open to the world and others around you.

We also look at the ways that self-love can enhance a person’s creativity and how a healthy self-regard is needed in order for people to listen to their young genius over the naysayers and have the courage to put their creative ideas into the world. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed speaking to Jeffrey.

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