Creating Space In Your Life

On this week’s episode of You Are Infinitely Loved, we’re talking about creating space in your life and what that can do for you. In today’s modern world, we’ve become so used to packing our schedules with all sorts of tasks and events, that there are very few moments where we stop, take a breath and really ask ourselves what we need.

We speak to Sam about a recent digital detox she decided to take, and what it felt like to be completely disconnected from all devices and alone with her thoughts. We discuss the ways we’ve become accustomed to plugging every second of space with checking our phones, and what it’s like when that reflex is taken away.

Lindsay talks about her latest art project and how she has created the space for that in her life. We look at how creating space can be seen or feel as though it’s self-indulgent, and how we can reframe that and recognize that creating space is essential for all of us. We also discuss the fact that so many people are addicted to being busy and why it is that we resist creating space in the first place.