Taking A Break is OK

n this episode we talk about the recent break that we took on our podcast and the different ways we each felt about it. We discuss how important it is to take breaks and get the rest we need, but equally how it’s important to honor the commitments we make to ourselves and others, and the difficulty in finding the right balance between the two. 

We look at the way that modern society tends to value productivity more than rest and the detrimental effects this can have if the message we receive is that it’s not okay to take a break. We also discuss the negative labels and language we use when we talk about rest and how this contributes to the problem.

We talk about the emotions that can come up when things don’t turn out the way we originally planned, or when we need to change our goals and commitments to ourselves and others - from frustration, to guilt, to disappointment and feeling like we’re letting people down.

We discuss the fact that self-loving practices differ from person to person and from season to season and why we need to tune-in to what feels self-loving for us, right now, in the season that we’re currently living in.