How To Cope And Make Friends With Your Negative Emotions

How do you deal with your negative emotions? Are you able to sit with your sadness, anger, frustration, grief, loneliness, overwhelm, disappointment, or any other difficult emotion and really accept it and process it? Or do you tend to ignore these feelings? Try to overpower them? Numb them with food? Alcohol? Netflix? Work? Busyness?

For many of us, negative emotions are something we try to block out of our experience. Whether it’s because we’re ashamed of them, or don’t want to be associated with negativity, there can be a lot of pressure to be positive and happy most of the time. But when we deny the way that we’re actually feeling, and villainize our negative emotions, this leads to disconnection from ourselves, making decisions that aren’t aligned with our values, not to mention all kinds of physical and mental health problems.

In this week’s episode we talk about a new way of understanding your negative emotions and the important messages they might be signaling to you. We discuss the negative impact of unprocessed emotions and we suggest healthy ways that you can process your emotions.

We want you to become hospitable to your emotions and know that all of your emotions are welcome here. Because when you’re at peace with the full range of your emotional experience, you’re also able to witness those emotions in other people and hold a compassionate space for them to feel and to heal.

We also talk about the most self-loving way to approach your emotions, which is always with curiosity and compassion.

If you know someone who could benefit from learning more about emotional health and how to cope with negative emotions, please share this episode with them.